One Stubborn Gut!

Metaphors are handy, lets start with one of those. Let’s say you are in a relationship, again. You get the feeling that your partner is doing wrong by you in some way. But maybe, you are just being insecure. Yeah, that’s it! Just ignore those thoughts until they go away. Your partner would never hurt you, your perfect together! As the days pass the feeling comes back, like a little pang hitting your gut and reverberating onto your heart. More than once a day, too. I have learned to not to ignore my gut feelings. Especially the ones that come back to haunt you. Sure, i have told myself i must have been crazy or insecure. But that was because i did not want to face the inevitable truth that i was once again, correct in my worries. Sometimes ignorance, is a very sweet bliss. But if you have an instinct nagging at you, you cannot make it blissful as hard as you may try. Whatever the situation, you want to avoid tearing your dreamy cloud of bliss to shreds. But when do we draw the line? Do we face our fears and the possibly heart wrenching truth? Or do we wait it out just a bit longer, a little longer….until it blows up in our faces, dramatically and somehow surprising? A false sense of shock that we create, [as if we didn’t have the slightest idea this might happen]. The first issue, we cannot have everything we want. Yes this is the freedom of America, we can choose the lifestyles we desire. However, let us be realistic here on earth. We Humanoids are stubborn. Either way you look at the basis of the words meaning; hopeful, determined, resilient, ignorant. Either way, stubbornness. Most of us always end up in a situation where we know failure to be a probable outcome, but we keep on truckin as if the bridge isn’t going to cave in and swallow us up whole. A truck looks pretty sturdy, yes? Think of said metaphorical truck the equivalent of a tin can. A tin can does not survive a long drop at high speeds, without extensive replacements and repairs. Basically, very many Americans have the emotional protection of a tin can. Through history Humans have grown lazy and content, weak and ignorant. Sure we have tons of technology to be comfortable with, but should we really let these distractions take away from who we are meant to be? We are all mentally powerful and capable but we neglect these traits. Society is the worst paradigm in the history of life on Earth. We again and again make the same mistakes, many times it is the exact same mistakes. In the situation of trusting your gut feelings, which is the core of our decision-making, we should never rule it out. Ever. We must ask ourselves what is truly beneficial for our long-term happiness, not what we would rather be beneficial. The truth comes out in every situation. Wether it be visual signs, verbal hints, or gut feelings there are always warning signs that we sometimes filter out of our comprehension. Yay, we shall forever be stubborn! Or shall we start being smart about our lives and hearts; and face the facts?!


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